Huawei Certified ICT Expert-5G-Radio (HCIE-5G-RADIO)

Have the advanced knowledge of E2E principles of 5G networks;5G network principles and equipment solutions; How to independently plan policies for 5G network evolution and deployment; How to plan 5G networks and even design them for special scenarios such as digital indoor distributed systems; How to analyze 5G service requirements and complete E2E 5G network design and deployment; How to handle 5G network faults and customer complaints; How to optimize 5G network performance with related features.

5G air interface;5G protocols and signaling;5G network planning; Huawei 5G network optimization features;5GC evolution and key technologies;5G transport network principles and key technologies;5G network design and deployment based on services (such as VR and HD video);5G digital indoor system design and deployment;5G network troubleshooting;5G network optimization problem analysis.

Target Audience

  • Engineers who perform Plan 5G networks
  • Design and deploy 5G networks based on Huawei equipment solutions
  • Handle complex network faults
  • Manage service experience and network performance.

Exam Content The knowledge of HCIE-Data Center V2.0 covers:

  • All functional modules of the data center
  • Including data center overview
  • SDN network
  • Storage
  • Server
  • Cloud computing
  • Disaster recovery and backup
  • Unified management
  • Huawei data center solution

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