Huawei Certified ICT Expert-WLAN (HCIE-WLAN)

Solid WLAN theory, WLAN solution planning and design capabilities, large-scale WLAN network deployment, and network O&M optimization capabilities.

Datacom network foundation, WLAN cutting-edge technologies and development trends, Basic WLAN theory, Basic WLAN troubleshooting, WLAN Deployment Solution in Typical Scenarios.

Target Audience

People interested in WLAN.

Exam Content

The HCIE-WLAN Certification Exam covers:

  • 1.WLAN networking
  • 2.WLAN Reliability technology
  • 3.WLAN radio resource management
  • 4.WLAN admission control
  • 5.WLAN security and defense
  • 6.WLAN and IoT
  • 7.WLAN location technology
  • 8.WLAN IPv6 networking technology
  • 9.CloudCampus solution
  • 10.WLAN troubleshooting
  • 11.Intelligent O&M
  • 12.WLAN network optimization
  • 13.WLAN network planning.

Предварительные требования

It is recommended that you learn HCIP-WLAN certification first and have at least five years of relevant working experience.