Accelerating Customers' Digital Transformation with DNA (DNA) - Программа курса

Программа курса

Introduction and Welcome

Topic 1 - Why Digitisation is Transforming the IT Market

  • Digital Enterprise Definition
  • The 4 Pillars of Digitisation (IoT, Mobility, Big Data, Cloud)
  • Digital Disruption
    • How Disruptive is this?
    • Enterprise Need to Consume IT Differently
    • Software-Led Discussion
  • What difference will it make to me as a partner?
    • Opportunities for Partners
    • Today and Tomorrow
  • Exercise – Delegates will now work individually and align and define which elements of the digitisation story will resonate with their customers and how they would go about starting a conversation

Topic 2 - What is the Digital Network Architecture?

  • What is DNA?
  • The DNA Design Principles
    • Virtualisation
    • Automation
    • Analytics
    • Cloud Service Management
  • The Solutions Underpinning the Design
    • CMX
    • Enterprise NFV
    • APIC-EM
    • StealthWatch, NetFlow
    • Meraki
    • Pervasive Security (ASA, AMP, FirePower, ISE, TrustSec, etc)
  • How Different is DNA
  • Exercise – Delegates will now work both individually then as a team to align their current service offerings with the 4 pillars of DNA and how they can use those services to help their customers accelerate their digital strategy based on DNA components

Topic 3 – Who Will We Sell this to?

  • Target Markets, Target Customers and Target Stakeholders
    • Digital Transformation is Driving IT to the Boardroom
    • Identifying Digital Strategies
      • With IT
      • With LoB
      • With Business Leaders
    • Using DNA to Deliver Business Outcomes
      • With Quantified Business Impact
  • DNA Use Cases
    • New Branch Office
    • Employee Productivity
    • Mobile and Cloud Service Adoption
    • Customer Experience
  • Exercise – Delegates will now work in teams to build a business case to present to the CIO and also a business case that the CIO can then present to the Board.

Topic 4 – How will we sell it?

  • What We are Seeing
  • How to sell DNA to Customers
    • The DNA Customer Journey
      • Phases of DNA Adoption
    • The Icebreaker program
      • Icebreaker Focal Points (LDoS, Energy Management, etc)
      • How to generate Business with Icebreaker
    • Partner Incentives
      • EasyPay, OIP/TIP, SIP, CTMP, DRNA, SHOGUN, Goldrush, etc
  • DNA and Cisco ONE
  • Partner Success Stories
  • Exercise: Working in teams, each team will prepare a Customer for each stage of the DNA journey and mapping to final business outcomes and then plan a Customer Lifecycle Engagement strategy that accelerates their customer’s journey towards digital transformation, building on the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) and Business Outcomes.

Topic 5 – The Solutions Underpinning DNA

  • Key DNA Products and Solutions:
    • For Automation
      • APIC-EM Automation Platform
      • Controller Architecture
      • Example Workflows
      • Easy QoS
      • Network Plug n Play
      • iWAN App
      • Integration with Prime
      • Instructor and Delegate Demo of APIC-EM
      • Cisco ONE Software and DNA
    • For Virtualization
      • NFV Architecture (NFVIS, VNFs, ESA)
      • Enterprise NFV Software Control
      • IOS-XE
      • Instructor and Delegate Demo of Enterprise NFV
    • For Analytics
      • CMX Cloud (Connected Mobile Experience)
      • How it Works
      • Instructor and Delegate Demo of CMX
    • For Security
      • Network as a Sensor/Enforcer
      • StealthWatch, ISE and TrustSec
      • Components and How it Works
      • Instructor and Delegate Demo of SteathWatch
    • Exercises: During this module, delegates will work in teams (comprising AM/SE), with each team practicing and conducting online demos of the key DNA solutions (APIC-EM, Enterprise NFV, CMX and StealthWatch) to visually ‘educate the customer’ on the benefits of using Cisco DNA for Automation, Virtualization, Analytics and Security.

Topic 6 - Summary

  • Additional Resources
  • Summary
  • Q&A
  • Wrap up