Digital Transformation with Next Generation Meetings (DTNGM) - Программа курса

Программа курса

Introduction & Welcome

Topic 1 – Why Collaborate?

  • What’s Driving the Market?
    • How Disruptive is this?
    • Market Analysis
  • Digital Disruption and Collaboration
    • Cisco’s Approach and Vision for Collaboration
      • Simple, Secure and Complete
    • Why Next Generation Meetings?
      • Simpicity, Enhanced Productivity, etc
    • What’s in it for the Customer?
      • Competitive Differentiation, Profitability, etc
    • Next Gen Meeting Use Cases
  • Benefits to me as a partner?
  • Demonstration: Delegates will be given a inclusive demonstration of Cisco Spark. All delegates will deploy Cisco Spark on their preferred endpoint and join a ‘Partner-Plus’ Spark Room to collaborate. Delegates will then be given a demo of Spark by the Instructor. Throughout the remainder of the day, key information and collateral will be distributed to the delegates via the Spark room.
  • Exercise – Delegates will now work individually and align and define which elements of our Collaboration and Next Generating Meeting story will resonate with their customers and how they would go about starting a conversation

Topic 2 – Who and How Will We Sell This?

  • Target Markets, Target Customers and Target Stakeholders
    • Key Verticals (Education, Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, etc)
    • Key Users (Mobile, Information, Executive, etc)
  • The Collaboartion Journey
    • Linking Collaboration to Desired Outcomes
    • The Cisco Experience (Cisco on Cisco)
  • Selling to Existing UC Customers
    • Who to Target
    • Key Messaging
    • Key Value Proposition
    • Customer Success Story
  • Selling to On-Premise Video Customers
    • Who to Target
    • Key Messaging
    • Key Value Proposition
    • Customer Success Story
  • Selling to New Customers
    • Who to Target
    • Key Messaging
    • Key Value Proposition
    • Customer Success Story
  • Exercise: Working in teams, each team will prepare a Customer for each stage of the Collaboration journey – identifying key users, their problems and then mapping this to desired outcomes and then specific solutions.

Topic 3 – High-Level Overview of the Solutions

  • What do we mean by ‘Next-Gen’?
    • User Experience
  • Solution Components and Key Differentiators
    • The Collaboration Architecture and Platform
    • The Collaboration Eco-System
    • End Points for Every Need
    • Conferencing (Web and Video)
    • Content Sharing
    • Mobility
    • Recording
    • Interoperability
    • Deployment Models
    • Licensing
      • Annuity
      • Spark Flex and ELA 2.0
  • Exercise – Delegates will continue on from the previous exercise and now map their customers specific problems and outcomes to relevant Cisco solutions and then identify which promotions and licenses may be relevant for that customer.

Topic 4 – Supporting The Sale

  • Why is our Solution different to Others?
  • Who else is in this market?
    • Microsoft
    • Polycom
    • Go-to-Meeting
  • Partner Tools and Promotions
    • Refresh Collab
    • Decision Tree
    • Unsolicited Proposal Tool
    • Video Adoption Pack
    • Try and Buy
    • Network Readiness Assessment
    • Demo Tools

Topic 5 - Summary

  • Call to Action
    • Plan and Discuss Top 5 Prospects with Cisco through Spark Room
  • Summary