VMware Advanced Skills for vSphere Professionals Workshop (ASVPWS67) - Программа курса

Программа курса

1 Course Introduction

  • Introductions and course logistics
  • Course objectives

2 Create and Deploy vSphere 6.x Infrastructure Components

  • Configure and manage Auto Deploy configurations
  • Configure advanced system settings
  • Deploy and configure core management infrastructure components
  • Deploy and configure Update Manager components
  • Perform virtual machine configurations

3 Deploy and Manage a vSphere 6.x Storage Infrastructure

  • Implement complex storage solutions
  • Deploy and configure vSAN
  • Troubleshoot complex storage solutions

4 Deploy and Manage a vSphere 6.x Network Infrastructure

  • Implement and manage vSphere 6.x Standard Switch (vSS) and Distributed Switch (vDS) networks
  • Troubleshoot a vSphere 6.x network implementation

5 Configure a vSphere Deployment for Availability and Scalability

  • Implement and maintain vSphere availability solutions
  • Implement and manage DRS solutions
  • Troubleshoot vSphere clusters

6 Configure a vSphere Deployment for Manageability

  • Manage a vSphere environment using command line tools
  • Manage and analyze vSphere log files
  • Configure and manage Content Library

7 Configure a vSphere Deploy for Performance

  • Utilize vSphere performance monitoring tools
  • Optimize virtual machine resources

8 Configure a vSphere 6.x Environment for Recoverability

  • Backup and recover vSphere configurations

9 Configure a vSphere 6.x Environment for Security

  • Manage authentication and end-user security
  • Manage SSL certificates and encryption keys
  • Secure and encrypt a virtual machine