Huawei Certified ICT Associate-SDN (HCIA-SDN)


Course Overview

Training and certificating engineers with infrastructure deployment and O&M capabilities of SDN network.

Кому следует посетить

SDN Network operation and maintenance engineer.


Этот курс является частью следующих программ сертификаций:

Предварительные требования

  • Having basic knowledge in telecom network and service commissioning.
  • At least three years of experience in the operation and maintenance of data communication equipment.

Цели курса

On completion of this program, the participants will be able to: (1).Describe Carrier Network Architecture ,Evolution and Challenges. (2).Complete Carrier Core/Bearer/MAN/RAN Network Architecture. (3).Describe Problems and Challenges in Carrier Network. (4).Describe SDN Architecture and Ecosystem. (5).Describe Key Technologies in Network Future. (6).Describe SDN Concepts. (7).Describe SDN ONF and IETF Standards. (8).Describe Huawei SDN Products. (9).Describe Huawei SDN Networking Application and Use Cases. (10).Describe SDN Layer 2 Networking Principles. (11).Describe SDN Layer 3 Networking Principles. (12).Describe OpenFlow Protocol And Application. (13).Describe Netconf Protocol And Application. (14).Describe RestFul Protocol And Application. (15).SDN controller integration and configuration.

Цены & Delivery methods

Classroom training

Длительность 5 дней

Online training

Длительность 5 дней

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