Huawei Certified ICT Expert-5G-Radio (HCIE-5G-RADIO)


Course Overview

Training and certificating experts with skill requirements for 5G network.

Кому следует посетить

Those who plan to acquire the HCIE-5G-Radio certificate. Those who plan to learn 5G network maintenance and optimization skills.


Этот курс является частью следующих программ сертификаций:

Предварительные требования

The attendees must have basic expertise of at least one type of mobile communications networks (namely 2G, 3G, or 4G). The attendees must have general knowledge of 5G principles, Huawei 5G base station products, and common configuration operations. The attendees must know common features of Huawei 5G networks.

Цели курса

On completion of this program, the participants will be able to: 1. Describe 5G radio network principles and functions 2. Evaluate and select 5G E2E network evolution solution 3. Master the design of site solutions. 4. Master the provisioning of typical 5G services. 5. Design 5G networks; 6. Analyze, evaluate, and optimize 5G network performance; 7. Locate and handle 5G service problems from end to end.

Цены & Delivery methods

Classroom training

Длительность 15 дней

Online training

Длительность 15 дней

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