VMware Cloud Director: Install, Configure, Manage [V10.3] (VCDICM103)


Course Overview

In this five-day course, you focus on installing, configuring, and managing VMware Cloud Director® 10.3. You learn about workload provisioning, the creation of organizations, virtual data centers (VDCs), catalog services that include predefined virtual machines, and on-demand VMware NSX-T™ Data Center networks.

This course also covers interfacing VMware Cloud Director with other systems and the integration and use of VMware vRealize® Orchestrator™ for VMware Cloud Director. You learn about different networks that a system administrator and an organization administrator can configure and use with virtual machines (VMs). This course also discusses how to monitor various VMware Cloud Director objects using VMware vRealize® Operations™.

Product Alignment
  • VMware vSphere 7.0 U2
  • VMware Cloud Director 10.3
  • VMware NSX-T Data Center 3.1.1
  • VMware vRealize Operations Manager 8.3

Кому следует посетить

Cloud architects, systems engineers, datacenter administrators, and cloud administrators with experience in managed services or managing a service provider environment.

Предварительные требования

Completion of the following courses and equivalent knowledge is required:

The following experience is helpful:

  • Working at the Linux command line
  • Substantial knowledge of general networking concepts

Цели курса

By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:
  • Deploy VMware Cloud Director
  • Manage VMware Cloud Director to meet the service provider needs
  • Create and manage VMware Cloud Director organizations and vApps to fulfill business needs
  • Create and manage VMware Cloud Director catalogs
  • Transfer virtual machine workloads from VMware vSphere® into and out of VMware Cloud Director
  • Configure networking for organizations and vApps with the help of VMware NSX-T™ Data Center
  • Managing resources from the VMWare Cloud Director console and using VMware vRealize® Operations Manager™
  • Enabling VM and Named Disk Encryption
  • Creating VM sizing and placement policies
  • Understand vApps and VM operations and actions

Содержание курса

  • Course Introduction
  • Software-Defined Data Center and VMware Validated Design
  • VMware Cloud Director Deployment and Configuration
  • VMware Cloud Director Provider Configuration
  • VMware Cloud Director User, Roles and Quota Management
  • VMware Cloud Director Virtual Machines and vApps
  • VMware Cloud Director Content Libraries
  • VMware Cloud Director Networking
  • VMware Cloud Director Storage and Compute
  • Extensibility and UI Additional Features
  • VMware Cloud Director Resource Monitoring

Цены & Delivery methods

Classroom training

Длительность 5 дней

  • Россия: 178 500,– руб. *
Online training

Длительность 5 дней

  • 178 500,– руб. *

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